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Links for 2009-06-15

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The New Negroponte Switch

Presentation originally given by Matt Jones at Frontiers Of Interaction V, Rome, Italy on 8th June 2009

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The Toaster Project

I’m Thomas Thwaites and I’m trying to build a toaster, from scratch - beginning by mining the raw materials and ending with a product that Argos sells for only £3.99. A toaster.

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Immaculate Telegraphy

Immaculate Telegraphy

Could humans at any point in history, given the right information, construct an electronic communication network? To test this hypothesis, Substitute Materials will attempt to build a functional electric battery and telegraph switch from materials found in the wilderness, using no modern tools except information from the internet. The telegraph will be a first step towards an ahistorical internet.

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arduinoscope - Google Code

I saw the wonderful arduino/processing scope, and thought of many improvements, including:

  • logic analyzer mode that shows 1’s and 0’s clearly.

    • pause frame

    • save frame

    • configurable pin-count

    • use as many pins as will fit on screen (tested with 12 at 800x800, seems ok)

    • use scope class in your own thing, easy to reuse, and setup any kind of GUI

    • shows volts, based on scaling settings

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Poorman’s oscilloscope (with Arduino + Processing) | Accrochages

This software allows you to get a visual representation of an analog signal using Arduino and Processing. The resolution is 10 bits so this is not like a real oscilloscope but it is still pretty useful. It works by sending values read from the Arduino board (pin 0) to Processing through serial communication.

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