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Links for 2010-01-11

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Git for the Cocoa Developer: A Typical Workflow

Using Git with Xcode projects

(tags: git cocoa xcode development) - DrawAble Markup Language

WYSIWYG CSS layout tool

(tags: css wysiwyg development webdesign webdev design)

Aral Balkan · UIPickerView skin with transparent selection bar (aka “an hour or two of hell”)

So when Apple created the UIPickerView, They decided in Their Infinite Wisdom that no developer would ever want to change its color… apart from the ones who built Apple’s own Clock app, of course! (Check out the Timer tab for a gloriously greyscale picker.)

So how does a mere mortal alter the tint of a UIPickerView? Let me tell you… but first, do you have an hour or two to spare?

(tags: uipickerview apple iphone iphoneapp objective-c development code)