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Links for 2010-02-04

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How to make a Pull-To-Reload TableView just like Tweetie 2 @ Dr. Touch

Worked example of pull-to-reload TableView

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MGTwitterEngine – Twitter from Cocoa » Matt Legend Gemmell

MGTwitterEngine is an Objective-C class which lets you integrate Twitter support into your Cocoa application, by making use of the Twitter API. The entire API is covered, and appropriate data is returned as simple native Cocoa objects (NSArrays, NSDictionarys, NSStrings, NSDates and so on), for very easy integration into your own application.

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Halfway through my week at the front line - BankerVision

“If there was ever proof needed that decentralisation of the core is a good thing, then I’ve been immersed in it for the week so far. I wonder what would happen if we put the appropriate end-user computing tools in the hands of these people and said “design the perfect Job Centre system”. My guess would be something good.”

The Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Work and Pensions GETS IT. You can’t overemphasise what an insightful comment that last sentence is, coming from someone in the heart of Big Government. Maybe there is hope after all…

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Once More unto the Breach: Berkus’s Ten Ways to Destroy Community and Bacon’s Art of Community

After pointing out very tongue-in-cheek why your community is such a painful group of people (e.g. “They mess up your marketing plans by doing their own marketing and PR” or “They mess up your product plans with unexpected innovation”), he proceeds to give you a perfect run down of ten ways to be rid of them with excellent examples.

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YouTube - TEDxBerlin - Fabian Hemmert - 11/30/09

Demo of augmented reality for mobiles through touch

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