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Links for 2011-01-14

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RSpec - Relish

RSpec reference

(tags: rspec code api documentation coding development rails rubyonrails)

Your Random Numbers ā€“ Getting Started with Processing and Data Visualization | blprnt.blg

“This post, then, is a first sketch of what a lesson plan for teaching Processing and data visualization might look like. Iā€™m going to start from scratch, work through some examples, and (hopefully) make some interesting stuff.”

(tags: processing visualisation visualization code development data dataanalysis analysis analytics)

Arduino Nikon remote control

Download libary to control Nikon cameras from arduino.

(tags: arduino nikon electronics hacks photography)

Research: How to Tell Stories with Data? - information aesthetics

“The following post describes not only one of my favorite papers from VisWeek this year, but I have the feeling it will be one of those papers which has the potential to lead to a big impact in the way we will use, and see, information visualization in the future.”

(tags: research visualisation visualization data numbers analysis analytics)