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Links for 2011-08-30

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The Ad Contrarian: Advertising And The Future Of Apple

“Here are some clues to look for in Apple’s advertising that will indicate that dull hands are grabbing at the wheel:

  1. Creeping Brandism

  2. Agency change

  3. The Tortured Logic of Account Planning

  4. Complications

  5. Media

If you start seeing any of these signs coming out of Cupertino, sell your shares."

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A Facebook reusable class | Indie Dev Stories

“In today’s post I’m going to share a piece of code that allows your games to easily connect to Facebook. It is a singleton class designed to be reusable, very simple to use and with only one task in mind: post new high scores on Facebook. You can find the example project source code at the end of the article.”

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iTunes Connect App Status Update - Blog - Use Your Loaf

Almost a year ago I created a flowchart to try and make sense of the various states an app can go through during the iOS App Store submission process. There have been some recent changes by Apple so I thought it was time I posted an updated version. There is an updated pdf version of the chart if you want a full size version.

As before the blue boxes indicate states that require action by the developer, the yellow boxes indicate actions are required by the App Store team and red boxes indicate the app has been rejected or withdrawn.

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